Empowering daughters of incarcerated mothers to thrive. image

Empowering daughters of incarcerated mothers to thrive.



Fundraising for daughters of incarcerated mothers, just like Eden


My name is Eden, and I am one of the many girls whose mother is incarcerated. Growing up without my mother has been challenging, and there have been times when I felt really alone. But my life has taken a remarkable turn thanks to Beauty Marks for Girls. I discovered my inner strength, talents, and dreams through Beauty Marks for Girls. They have shown me that my mother's mistakes do not define me and that I have the power to shape my destiny. Your giving goes beyond material support. It provides emotional care and mental health resources, enabling us to heal from the pain and reminding us that we are not alone on this journey. You help us break the cycle of generational hardships. You empower us to become leaders, role models, and advocates who will make a positive difference in our communities. So, dearest supporters, please consider giving to programs like Beauty Marks for Girls. Your support transforms lives, including mine. Your generosity gives girls like me a chance to rise above our circumstances and create a future filled with hope, self-love, and endless possibilities.

Thank you for believing in us and being on this journey towards embracing my scars, which I now see as my "beauty marks", to help me create a brighter future.

Keep making the world better.

Love me,



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